Case Study Project Page

The dancer is a selfish and arrogant person. Egocentric, an addict, a sick person he would kill to be on stage. Everything that is not ’him’ is his enemy. Paradoxically, we -the choreographer and the public- must accept that he is that person, otherwise, the performance would not exist. But him, does he agree with this?

Artism Act I wants to be a choreographic piece but can be seen as an uncompromising documentary.

Encompassing text, voiceover and digital projections Artism gives voice to the one who’s often used as an accessory or an anonymous in a group... The dancer.

He would reveal him to the public as a complex individuality and an interpreter who seeks to give meaning and clarity to his art... Dancing
The dancer seeks recognition through the public. He lives for it; it’s his art, his bread. For him, he is the only one who has the power to be idolized, to inspire vocations and bring dance in front of big audiences.... Maybe he is right?