Le bureau des légendes

Le bureau des légendes

Le Bureau des Légendes – Dernière mission avant départ.En attendant le retour du Bureau des légendes le 9 mai sur CANAL+, glissez-vous dans la peau d’un agent de la DGSE pour une expérience 360° inédite >> http://lebureaudeslegendes360.canalplus.fr

Posted by Le Bureau Des Légendes on Friday, 22 April 2016


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a hero in your favorite TV series?

Exzeb partnered with Canal+, the French film and television studio and distributor, with the ambition of bringing to life the dream of any TV series fan: becoming part of the show.
The result is a 6 minute VR spin-off for of the award-winning Canal+ original TV series “Le Bureau des Légendes”.


The story puts the viewer in the shoes of an aspiring secret agent about to pass one final test. Through his eyes, you will see yourself hitting the streets of Paris,
escaping surveillance and placing a bug in a room of a Parisian palace…

Uniquely, the film was entirely shot in first-person POV, and mostly in movement, from a variety of customized camera rigs mounted on an actress.
An additional spatialized soundscape was added to deepen the immersion.
The shoot took place on the actual set of the show and throughout Paris with the series’ cast fully involved.

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From questions about “embodiment” as a visual storytelling device to bringing together large teams of traditional filmmakers and VR specialists,
to juggling the technical implications of filming and directing in POV, the project was not short of challenges.
Here’s some of what really stood out from conception to execution.



How do you make someone really feel like a character of a show? What does it mean, cognitively, emotionally and physically to see and act through someone else’s eyes?

The taciturn hero.

The very few seconds of the experience aim to give you a sense of presence and a purpose:
a woman comes to shake your hand and tells you “Hey, how are you? Don’t worry, the meeting will go fine”.
To which you answer….nothing. Indeed, we chose not to have the protagonist , as early tests showed that hearing someone else’s voice as your own can break
the illusion of being that person (more so than having a different gender interestingly).


The director as a matador.

The second challenge was to keep you focused on the main story whilst, at very specific times, subtly influence you to look here and there.
We used a number of narrative tricks for that.
You may have noticed the slight frustration of trying not to look at one of your two interviewers leave the meeting table whilst the other one is giving you one hell of a news.
In the second part of the experience, we used the idea of you playing back your boss’ advice as voice in your head as a way to induce a state of paranoia,
making you glance around whilst staying focussed on where you’re going.

Finally, 360 sound was quintessential to build up tension, but contrary to what’s how it’s usually done,
we sometimes used sounds to point areas you should
not look at.
Examples include the loud door knock of the cleaning lady behind your back meant to rush you off into hiding as well as
someone addressing you in the hotel lobby that the voices in your head tell you to ignore.


Connecting VR and Cinema.

At heart, this project is the story of the collaboration between Bridges, a cinema production house and a VR studio.
In the pre-production phase, it was essential to work hand-in-hand with both the scriptwriter and the director as both the storytelling and technical opportunities
and constraints of VR are new to their cinema vocabulary.
Numerous pre-prod tests allowed us to identify stabilisation, stitching and other visual incongruences and adapt.
For some scenes the script had to change, for others we for example brought a custom-designed rig to minimise the risk for motion-sickness.

As a result, the actual production went smoothly.

The post-production process was equally new with edits flying between the VR post-prod team and the director and a very close and fruitful collaboration
between him and the VR sound engineer creating spatialised sounds.

The end result is a uniquely cinematic experience that lends itself perfectly to Virtual Reality and paves the way for a lot of new great content to come…



On Youtube, the film was viewed over 120K times, that’s a 200% increase over season 1’s trailer, our key benchmark for the campaign.

On Facebook, the video gathered over 430K views, 5000 likes and 2000 shares, all of which generated entirely organically.

The experience was also hosted on Canal+’s app and broadcast during the 360 live-stream of “La Nouvelle Star” (France’s ‘The Voice’). This was the first-ever 360 live-stream commercial break in France.

Finally, the experience got significant press coverage both in France and abroad including Le Monde, Numérama, Presse-Citron, Virtual Reality Reporter, L’Usine Digitale, Aruco and The Memo .