“Meet The Family” is a VR experience which tests the impact that a headset-powered experience can have on emotions such as pleasure, joy, wonder and fear.

babyInWhiteRoom mtf_cave

The film-meets-VR experience allows you to interact with different worlds and characters. You might find yourself flying
through hoops in the air above an island or exploring secrets in a dark room. Every character has been designed to provoke
specific reactions, sometimes unexpected ones. Most surprisingly, they provoke different reactions from everyone.

 mtf_tunnel mtf_monster

“There is something very primal about VR. We know that what we’re seeing isn’t actually there, but our brains and our emotions respond to it as though it is.”
The experience was created using binaural sound and real-time dynamic lights, which makes Meet the Family a very
gripping and highly immersive visual and audial adventure.

reaction_b reaction_a

You can download the experience from its dedicated microsite here.